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Who I am has changed the way I see life. I almost died multiple times and had never traveled with my husband nor with my children out of our state ( where we lived all of our lives), Let alone we had never been on a plane.
After surviving all that I had been through and while healing from most of it I decided that I was no longer going to put it off; saying those famous words "maybe next time", and nor was I no longer going to allow my self to believe I could not afford too without even trying.
I started this business for the love of life and relaxation, fun different experience that I wanted others to be a part of. For others to feel the excitement as if it was something new, or like it was your first time on a vacation. I want this for every time you take a trip like I do.
That is why my core principles and values as a business owner is to share that " Life is to short ".
My professional culture and style is enjoy life and respect life and have fun while making memories. I want a smile to come to ones face, a happy relaxing feel inside when you hear Odyssey Away.

Every person's fun time or happy feeling, and their relaxing moment or memories are different and unique for each traveler.

Let's us help you make more memories we are more than happy to help!